Snap Lock Roofing Systems

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The concealed or hidden fastener, Snap-Lock Roofing System's popularity in residential and commercial applications has grown exponentially in the past several years due mostly to its concealment of the nails/hardware. This type of metal roofing system requires two panel seams to snap together. The metal roof panel system is secured by hidden or concealed hold-down clips/fasteners - no nils required. Because of its excellent performance, a Snap Lock Roofing System is one of the best investments you can make to your property. Every day the roof of a building is subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature: wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, and lots and lots of sun; a Snap Lock Metal Roofing System is highly resistant to the wear and tear Mother Nature bestows upon most other roofs. read more

Double-Lock Roofing Systems

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All metal roofing will contract and expand with the changes of temperature, and Mother Nature's harsh beatings (wind, rain, lots of sun, hail etc). Thermal movement can cause fasteners (nails, bolts, washers, screws and the like) to loosen and back out over time. This results in weakening of the roof - more vulnerable to damage due to up-wind resistance. Moisture is more likely to make its way through and you will begin to see wood rot.
 A  Double-Lock Roofing System will not only make for a stronger roof, but give your home or business the curb appeal you were going for with a clean cut finish. Double-Lock Roofing Systems are long lasting and durable, making your roof one less thing to worry about for your residential or commercial property.
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